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MAF is a family of organizations led by people in countries around the world who have a similar vision of taking Christ’s love into the most remote places on earth. MAF-US collaborates with our sister organizations to meet spiritual and physical needs in 37 different countries. Collectively, our fleet of 135 airplanes serves some 1,500 non-profit, churches, and humanitarian organizations.
Aviation -You'll find MAF in the hardest-to-reach locations, where people live isolated from the rest of the world, cut off from the most basic necessities. Our highly trained pilots maneuver Cessna and KODIAK aircraft through rugged terrain. And while passengers might hold their breath, MAF pilots skillfully land at short, unimproved airstrips on the sides of mountains, in jungle clearings, or on tropical rivers—to bring medicine and doctors, disaster relief, education, evangelists, Bible translators, food supplies, agriculture and clean water projects, and more. Why do we do it? Because we’re passionate about sharing Christ's love beyond where the road ends.
Technology -MAF is all about making connections—and technology plays a key role. We want to introduce isolated people to Jesus Christ through a network of technology and discipleship strategies. Technology constantly changes, so MAF Tech Resources is always adapting to create opportunities to connect people to Jesus. We use technology in a variety of ways in order to bring God's Word into the most remote parts of the world: providing connectivity through email and VPN services, and VSAT and HF/VHF radio installations; digital solutions for missions like mobile apps with the Bible and Christian materials; and business services that support our flight programs around the world.
Training - Because MAF works in developing countries, we have the opportunity to train indigenous people in a variety of contexts.

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Teacher - Indonesia

Aug 15, 2019 - Aug 15, 2020
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